All the Happiness of Sunshine without tanning!

UV-Free Light Panel Is the All-Natural Solution for Beating the Blues

Portable Full-Spectrum Light Therapy Boosts Mood and Energy Levels Fast

4.75/5 STARS
Improves sleep & increases energy
Boosts mood & enhances focus
Easy to use operation
Portable & durable
UV-free and safe for adults or kids
10,000 LUX full-spectrum light
Sleek, space-age e-reader design
Tara S. - Los Angeles, CA
“I love my SecondSun! Easy to use and very effective. I’ve been using it for a month and my mood has changed so much for the better.”
Richard T. - Houston, TX
“I’ve dealt with seasonal depression for years. This honestly helps a lot and when I use it regularly my mood improves.”
Mark P. - Newark, NJ
“Perfect for the ‘winter blahs’ and it even helped me sleep better! I’m like a new man with SecondSun.”
Stay Healthy All Year
With Simulated Sunlight
Regular exposure to sunlight is vital to our health.
SecondSun projects simulated natural sunlight to fight seasonal depression, sleepless nights, low energy levels, and lack of focus.
Full-Spectrum Light That’s UV-Free
SecondSun delivers 10,000 LUX of all-natural super light to mimic healthy sunshine.
Enjoy UV-free light therapy that powerfully boosts your mood and mental health.
Safe, Easy, & Effective
Get proven relief from seasonal depression and other mood disorders in just a few minutes each day using the power of SecondSun.
Improve sleep
Boost mood
Increase energy
Enhance focus
Leave those blues behind with SecondSun!

Science-Backed With Proven Results

Light panels, like SecondSun, are a proven form of therapy and the treatment of choice when dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
They work by simulating sunlight, which helps trigger the brain to release serotonin, often called the feel-good hormone.
SAD lamps are not only a powerful therapy for boosting mood, but they can also resynchronize your biological clock (or circadian rhythm) for improved sleep habits, too!
Certified Information From the National Library of Medicine
Without SecondSun
down in the dumps
difficulty concentrating
sluggish & tired
restless nights
With SecondSun
improved mood
improved focus
improved energy
improved sleep

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Simply plug it in and set it up beside you so you get the full effects of the full-spectrum simulated sunlight.
2. Choose from 4 different brightness levels to best suit your needs.
3. Use the handy timer feature to effortlessly get the exact amount of light you need to boost your mood and defeat seasonal depression.

SecondSun Is Changing People’s Lives All Across The Country

“Helps my kids with seasonal mood swings! A lifesaver.”
“Incredibly effective. My mood and energy levels were higher in days.”
“Fast and easy way to fight depression and anxiety. It works, too! What a great gadget.”
“It’s a miracle when working at home. I can get sunlight all day no matter where I am.”
“Amazing SAD light! Getting another one to keep at the office so I’m never without it.”
“If you have a friend struggling with sadness, get them SecondSun. It works, fast!”

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